Our mission is to provide the best-in-class service and value to our customers in the field of Vibration analysis, by delivering practical and effective solutions.

SES works with your team in ensuring the standard Vibration Monitoring results are transformed into:

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Reduced energy & operations costs
  • Less Shutdown Time
  • Increased Productivity

This being our core activity for more than 15 years as service providers having the expertise across the segments and equipment specific knowledge and thereby this rich experience and knowledge, enables our highly experienced engineers and technicians to provide both routine and complex vibration condition monitoring services in an effective and useful manner to the clients.

We are updating our techniques from time to time as per the requirement of our customers as well as up gradation in the technology by procuring latest software and hardware for the instruments / equipment in ensuring customer satisfaction in the field of our expertise.

Most mechanical faults with rotating equipment induce vibration i.e., unbalance, misalignment, looseness caused by poor assembly, deterioration of bearings, wear of gear teeth, etc. Vibration monitoring involves the periodic measurement of machine vibration, usually measured on bearing housings or from the machine supervisor's panel output / data.

Vibration analysis can detect a wide range of failure modes in advance and trend its severity based on that equipment’s Baseline readings:

  1. Bearing defects
  2. Misalignment
  3. Imbalance
  4. Soft Foot Mounting
  5. Mechanical Looseness
  6. Resonance
  7. Bearing pre-load and incorrect assembly
  8. Gear mesh abnormalities
  9. Journal bearing faults
  10. Belt drive faults
  11. Pump cavitation and process flow problems
  12. Beat frequencies
  13. Single and multi-plane in-situ balancing
  14. Complex machine investigations and problem solving
  15. Turbo-machinery start-up/shutdown and troubleshooting
  16. Machine baselines, acceptance testing and 3rd party witnessing
  17. Failure investigations and warranty issues
  18. Structural and modal analysis investigations
  19. Turbines, Generators, Compressors, Motors, Pumps and couplings
  20. Performance testing Machinery protection etc.

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