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Since ancient times, “the only sources of natural water that are recognized as safe to drink are rain water and water from deep wells,”. Rain water is the purest water in the nature, HARNESSING rain water is the cheapest and economical process compared to any other source. 70 % of our body consist of water which is responsible for healthy living. As per WHO the potable water is to be within 500mg/liter (TDS). The rain water is up to above specification also rain water contains minerals like, B12 Vitamin, and also Ozone. Our services in this segment aims to harvest Purest Rainwater for drinking & culinary for a year and recharges the surplus to the ground through the available open well or Bore well.

Benefits of Rain Water Harvesting

Health Benefits of Rain Water

  • Contains Alkaline pH

    Since rain water is still pure, it has the same pH as distilled water and RO (Reverse Osmosis) water. We know that alkaline water gives health benefits like promoting detoxifications and healthy digestive system.

    Rain water, like alkaline water, helps neutralize blood pH in our body. The toxins and free radicals will reduce the blood pH, make it slighty acidic. Consuming rain water or alkaline water will neutralize the pH, making our body system work more efficently.

  • No Fluoride and Chlorine

    Chlorine is used to kill germs in tap water, while fluoride is obtained naturally from the soil. Some countries, especially developing countries still use chorine as antiseptic in municipal or tap water, since it is very cheap. But sometimes the crews put too much chlorine in the water, and we can smell the chlorine itself in drinking water. Consuming tap water high in chlorine and fluoride can cause many health problems, for example gastritis, headache, and damaged body organs due to corrosive effects of chlorine.

  • Anti-cancer

    The alkaline pH in rain water is known to inhibit proliferation of cancer cells, since it helps restore the neutral pH of our blood and body cells. This make rain water acts like antioxidants. Herb experts in India suggests every cancer patient to drink more rain water. It is believed that the rain water from the first moonsoons has the best advantages. When rain water is not available, springwater can be used instead.

  • Treatment of Stomach Problems

    According to Indian traditional medicine, it is advisable to drink 2-3 tablespoons of rain water on empty stomach every morning. The alkaline pH helps neutralize the stomach acid and sooth the iritated stomach mucosa. Moreover, rain water lacks in chlorine, which is known as a corrosive agent that can severe any ulcers.

Functional diagram of Rain water Harvesting

Functional diagram of Rain water Harvesting for Drinking purpose and Re-charging Ground Water


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